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A Few Words About Accusteel

Accusteel is a leading provider of specialty transport and lifting equipment. We pay attention to the unique technical and safety challenges that this type of work involves.

Out of our main branch in Acheson, AB, Canada, Accusteel's experienced design team ensures solutions to a wide range of transportation and lifting problems. Capable of building from scratch or retrofitting an exsisting unit, Accusteel's products and designs have been tested internationally in the most extreme of conditions. Accusteel proudly builds all their products in Canada.

With it's biggest asset, a growing crew of professional technicians and an ensuring personal disposition, Dan and the team at Accusteel "Dream Big". We invite you to be part of this story, come and experience for yourself and be among people that care and have a passion for what they do.

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Our History

  • 1995

    This year, Accusteel was established from humble beginings.

  • 2007

    Accusteel moves into its current location.

  • 2008

    We started marketing our own custom designs for new Accusteel equipment.

  • 2010

    With development of technology, new markets opened up and demand on our products increased.

  • 2011

    Our line of heavy duty Off-Road Transporters came to life.

  • 2015

    Our engineers developed new methods of moving equipment and varoius patents attained.

  • 2017

    Due to growing product line and service center bookings, we expanded our Acheson Facility another 10,000 sq.ft to meet our customer's demands.

  • 2018

    Today we have ambituous plans concerning our further development of our prodcuts and increasing anual demand for them.

Our Management Team

Dan Chicahuala General Manager
Dan Chicahuala

General Manager

Dan brings to Accusteel more than 30 years’ experience in the metal trade and manufacturing industry. Dan has a pasion for what he does and dreams of a bigger tomorrow for Accusteel.

Antu Chicahuala Production and Engineering Manager
Antu Chicahuala

Production & Engineering Manager

Antu has served Accusteel for over 10 years. He and his team of engineers and Production staff, prove that even in tough market conditions, there is always a place for industrial innovations.

Gri Chicahuala Office Manager
Gri Chicahuala

Office Manager

Gri has spent over 20 years ensuring the Accusteel office runs smoothly and efficiently as it is an essential part of our company’s success.