HMT Series Multi Axle Trailers

HMT Series

Accusteel's Hydraulic Modular Trailer (HMT) is a revolutionary new design allowing a full range of flexibility for various loading configurations. Available in 6 axle, 9 axle, 12 axle and 15 axle just by adding modular sections. The HMT Series has an impressive deck height stroke of 31" dumped to 58" extended. Each Accusteel Modular section is equipped with Accusteel's HMT custom suspension that not only boasts a huge stroke but also huge flexibility side to side. Allowing up to 30 degrees of side to side oscillation, there is almost no terrain this unit cannot keep your load straight. The flexibility of this unit allows for suspension flexibility without compromising the trailers frame or the load on top.  Due to the HMT's self steering and manual steering over-ride it is also a good choice for getting large loads into tight places.

Accusteel units are made from high tensile steel, allowing us to build strong frames while maintaining a low tare weight. 

To get more details and pricing please contact our sales team and give Accusteel the opportunity to build your unit today!

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