Accusteel is strongly committed to design and produce equipment that has been manufactured under a high level of quality control at every step of production. We use only genuine parts and keep all our supply chains accountable for what goes into our finished product.


As an industry leader, Accusteel is committed to provide a safe and friendly work place environment and to foster a spirit of learning and personal development at every level of production. That in turn generates a culture of hard work and determination to get the job done.


Accusteel is committed to reduce the environmental impact of its products and ensure a priority is taken in care for our environment. With the development of new products, Accusteel strives to ensure a sustainable future in our industry.

Technology Development

At Accusteel we aspire to make the ordinary extraordinary. We constantly invest in research and development to improve our products and offer our customers a more reliable and efficient piece of equipment.

Our Approach

Established as a local business in 1995, plenty has changed about us over the last 20 years of company history but our commitment to quality standards and customer service is stronger than ever.

Our quality standards meet some of the highest benchmarks in the world, but we believe there are always opportunities to improve. An extensive quality management system and dedicated inspection department with roaming shop floor inspectors ensure parts are manufactured to meet design and fabrication specifications and that production standards are maintained to a high level.

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Continuous Commitment to Safety

Beyond our pursuit of quality and industrial innovation, our company holds a culture of saftey. The health and saftey of our employees, contractors, customers and vendors is top priority. This culture of safety is shown on a day to day basis and our company Occupational Health and Safety Policies are not just a policy but a way of life.

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