UM Series Mining Movers

UM Series

The Universal Mover is Accusteel's one of kind patented design. It has been designed to move anything that fits within its own lifting envelope. From dragline buckets to broken down equipment in the field the Universal Mover is a great choice to reduce cost and increase efficiency. The hybrid mixture of a trailer and a lifting gantry removes the need for bringing in multiple crews of cranes and transport equipment to get the job done. Available in 100T and 200T versions, this revolution in the mining industry is a game changer in the way mine transportation is viewed world wide.
(US Patent No. 10,093,217 B2)

The UM Series Movers are designed to be dis-assembled and containerized for easy overseas shipping. This design feature makes the UM Series Movers available to the most remote locations around the globe. Give us a call today to find out how you can change the way you see mining transport today!

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