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Repairs and Retrofits

Yes, trailers that do not have existing pin joints in the desired position can be re-engineered to accommodate a new connection point. Our
team can view and assess your unit to determine what is required to maintain structural integrity while still giving you the flexibility to add deck sections, rails sections, and other loading platform configurations.

The cracking of frame components can be a result of various factors. Fatigue cracks from years of dynamic loading, cracks from defective welds, cracks from lack of structural frame support or poor design, and cracks from overloading situations. We suggest bringing your trailer
frame issues to our shop for fixing because before even touching it, we will need to determine the cause of the cracks to work on a longer-term fix to the problem. Our team of engineers will analyze the damages and present a solution and not a “patch job”. At Accusteel, we have extensive experience repairing and rebuilding units to make sure your unit gets back on the road safe and risk-free.

Leaning while loading can be a result of many issues. If a load is centered over your trailer and still leaning over, it may be time for Accusteel’s team to take a look. Twists in mainframe members stretched lugs, collapsed pin joints, or worn-out connection points may all be factored in a trailer’s inability to pick up a level load. Through careful inspection and measurement of the entire unit, Accusteel’s technicians and engineers can troubleshoot and identify the problem and propose a solution that will address the problem. Investing money into a repair should not be a guessing game. The heavy haul experts at Accusteel provide positive ROI on structural frame repairs.

This will depend on the requirements and current neck design. Many people look to add longer jeeps or converters to the front of their heavy haul trailers to haul more load. Simply adding length to the front of the unit may solve the immediate issue but it also may cause a range of
structural and hydraulic problems on the system. After an engineered assessment of the frame and loading goals by Accusteel’s team, we will provide a recommendation backed by our experience. Many times, the recommendation is to not proceed with such a modification as the results may be disastrous. Our goal is NOT to simply take your money but to provide a solution encompassing safety and reliability for our

Similar to the addition of a neck extension on the front of a heavy haul trailer, another common request is the addition of a booster converter on the tail of the trailer. Adding more wheels provides the ability to handle larger payloads by distributing the load on a greater number of wheels. Some trailers have been designed to handle a booster, others have not. Analyzing the trailer frame to determine the possibility of installing a booster is the first step. If it is determined that the additional axle(s) are possible, Accusteel’s team can design a connection on any make or model of the trailer to accommodate this addition.

In short, yes, any break can be repaired. The key is to identify the root cause of the failure and provide a solution that will address the issue. In most failure scenarios, a result is the stretching of the base metals and or welds. This stretching is material that has gone above its yield point. Many times, yielding cannot be spotted to the naked eye. Accusteel identifies the yielded metal and replaces it to ensure that frame strength is not compromised. Testing material mechanical properties with specialized testing equipment, then engineering a repair to ensure positive results, Accusteel’s team specializes in repairing and re- certifying broken heavy haul frames with confidence.

Heavy Haul Trailer Builds

Yes, heavy haul trailers can be custom designed and built to address
the most unique of loading situations. Whether it be equipment,
pressure vessels, modular structures, reactors, or coil spools, Accusteel
has the knowledge and experience to provide solutions coupled with a
state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to get you moving quickly.

Yes, Accusteel has the flexibility of making OEM trailers to permanently mount equipment on. We specialize in custom trailers designed for the toughest conditions. Tell us your equipment needs and we might even come up with a new customized solution that would make your business operations run more smoothly.

Accusteel units are made from high tensile steel, permitting the build of strong frames while maintaining a low tare weight. We understand that equipment purchases are an asset, that is why these units are built with longevity in mind.

Building quality during manufacturing is a multi-step process guided by Accusteel’s quality manual. Our strong supply partners coupled with a shop floor quality control program ensure that every part and process
meet the design requirements specified in the build. For example,
Accusteel is certified with CWB to CSA W47.1. This means that every welder is routinely tested for their abilities and that every weld laid down has a documented process and procedure. This weld certification
allows Accusteel to ensure that welding defects are eliminated from the
final products and that all quality metrics are documented for future

After the sale of a unit, Accusteel provides both advisory and technical
support concerning the product. Furthermore, with wear and tear also
comes the need for preventative maintenance and repairs. Accusteel’s
full service and parts facility can provide any repairs needed to get your
unit running back to factory specifications.

That’s exciting news! You may contact our sales team today and tell us about your equipment requirements. After the initial assessment, we can then set up a proper meeting with the necessary internal stakeholders from our end. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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