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Lumber Mill Trailers

Accusteel builds high-quality custom trailers for lumber mills and lumber yards.

Our lumber mill trailers are the best available. Bringing logs from the lumber yard to the mill requires heavy-duty trailers that can handle repetitive loading and unloading throughout the day. Our trailers are custom-built for your lumber mill to last through heavy loads, continuous use, and easy maneuvering.  

Custom Trailers Made for Lumber Mills

Our team will work with you to design a custom lumber mill trailer specifically for your job site! We will meet with you to discuss the size, mobility, shape, load capacity, and more to ensure that your custom trailer will work perfectly for your lumber mill. We build lumber mill trailers that can handle the increased use and load needs of the forestry industry. 

We understand that ruggedness and durability of trailers are essential for lumber mills. Loading and offloading logs using grapple machines can be quite rough on equipment, and a heavy-duty yard trailer that can handle thousands of cycles at high capacity is why high-quality equipment is so important. We’ll customize your forestry trailer for the power equipment you have and the size of logs you use. 

Our team of engineers will work with you to meet all your lumber mill’s requirements. If you need to move logs to and from your mill, a custom logging trailer will get the job done!

Our Custom Log Trailers

Our Trailers for Lumber Mills and Yards

Ejector Trailer


Available in 50T to 70T loading capacities, the Accusteel Ejector Trailer is able to move wood chips, lumber waste, and other bulk materials around lumber mills. Traditional use of End-Dump Trailers is time-consuming and can be dangerous on uneven terrain. The Ejector Trailers can carry up to 12 times the volume of one End-Dump load and efficiently ejecting the material while maintaining a low center of mass. These units can be configured to be pulled by different types of equipment, from traditional tractors, forestry sliders, and even rock trucks. It can also be used in waste processing and recycling facilities to increase efficiency.

Log Forwarding Trailer


Available in 50T to 70T loading capacities, Log Forwarding trailers are off-road logging units used primarily for forwarding of material throughout a lumber mill. With its durable design and tough high strength frame, the LGF Series trailers are a great choice for the harsh conditions of mill sites. Available in different bunk configurations for full length or cut to length loads this fully customizable unit allows you to control your production speeds by high volumes.

Log Wagon


Log wagons are specially designed for lumber mills to be towed by various pieces of onsite equipment and provide a strong, reliable means of transporting products from one area of the mill to another. Fully customizable in length and loading capacities, the LW Series wagons are a great choice to increase efficiency within a plant. Available in 50T to 100T configurations.

Trailers for the Forestry Industry

The forestry industry requires the use of many different kinds of trailers. Our forestry trailers aren’t the on-highway trailers you see carrying loads of logs. Accusteel forestry trailers are designed to bring lumber from the yard to the mill. Our trailers are designed for moving the big piles of logs into the sawmill and loading what 100 highway trailers could carry.

We understand the capacity needed for lumber mills and how your site requires the constant moving of lumber, which can be incredibly hard on your machinery. Our trailers for the forestry industry are made to last! We use high-quality materials and custom engineering to ensure that your lumber yard trailers can handle the intense loads and constant use.

Most trailers don’t need to be loaded and unloaded several times a day, but the forestry industry requires trailers that can handle constant use every day without breaking down. 

Improving Lumber Mill Efficiency

Accusteel has paved the way to better efficiency within lumber mills! Other than traditional trailers, there aren’t other solutions that help lumber mills bring logs efficiently to and from the mill. Other methods of transportation break down often, have reduced durability, take too long to load and unload, and they aren’t as easily maneuvered. We want to help your lumber mill efficiently move product to and from the mill.

How Accusteel Forestry Trailers Improve Efficiency

  1. Reduced Maintenance
    Maintenance not only is incredibly expensive to repair broken equipment, but it also creates more downtime for your lumber mill. As such, having a high-quality Accusteel lumber mill trailer has double savings – both in lost time and reduced costs!
  2. Customized Size
    Having a customized heavy haul trailer design ensures that your logs fit easily on your lumber mill trailer. It also ensures that loading and unloading your product is more efficient, so you can get your job done faster.
  3. Designed for Your Space
    We will ensure your lumber mill trailer is specially designed to fit with your mill. This means working with your power equipment, providing wheels for the right terrain, and even ensuring a tighter turning radius where needed. Your customized lumber mill trailer will ensure you can get your product to and from the mill with ease!

Accusteel Trailers for Lumber Mills

We build sawmill and lumber mill trailers for moving equipment around mills efficiently and effectively. These trailers are designed to work with a wide variety of equipment, including grapple excavator machines working within the mill. We build high-quality trailers that can handle heavy-duty loading, constant loading and unloading, and the versatile terrain of your lumber mill.

If you need help moving your product within your lumber mill, Accusteel has you covered! Contact us today to begin the process of a custom trailer for your lumber mill.

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