OEM Trailers Chassis and Frames to Suit Your Project Needs

Oil & Gas, Incinerators, Chassis, Pump Stations, Transformers, Sub Stations, Fracing Units

As clients manufacture their own equipment to be mounted onto trailers, lightweight durable frames are required with the proper combination of running gear to suit your specific project needs.

Accusteel’s dedicated team of design staff works directly with your engineers providing open communication, data, and resources to get your project on the road as quickly as possible. We do offer heavy haul trailers in areas like Edmonton, Acheson, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc and Nisku.

Trust the team at Accusteel to provide world-class equipment and provide a competitive advantage for the delivery of your product to the end-user. Unlimited options are available with running gear, controls, hydraulics, pneumatics, power units, and more.

You will be provided with a project engineer from Accusteel, quality control records, NDT Testing as required, project schedule, material test reports, and final documentation package at delivery.

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OEM Heavy Haul Trailers

Example Case Studies

Sub-Station Trailer

Sub Stations

Working with the client, Accusteel built a customized trailer to handle the required load and application as well as regulatory compliance for site safety requirements. With a quick delivery needed, Accusteel’s project team effectively designed, manufactured, tested, and delivered the unit to the client on time.

Portable Drill Rig

Oil & Gas

With an existing drilling rig made up of several components, Accusteel was tasked with designing and manufacturing a trailer system to permanently mount many of the rig components onto. This would remove the need to take the unit apart as moved from well to well. Our team traveled to the client’s location and determined a plan for moving forward. With only a few months to design and manufacture, Accusteel came through and was able to ship the unit on schedule.

Incinerator Erecting and Hauling


Approached by a client to manufacture trailers to be able to move their fleet of incinerators without the use of a crane for loading and unloading, Accusteel designed and manufactured specialty trailers to get the job done. Further developed into various configurations, this project increased our customer’s profits and gave them a competitive advantage in their respective industry.

Snubbing Unit Trailers


A client that designs and manufactures snubbing rigs approached Accusteel to developed various trailers to transport and operate their specialized equipment. Designing the trailer with the end-user in mind, Accusteel incorporated features for the end-users needs.


Consistently pushing for advancements in technology, efficiency, and cost savings, Accusteel delivers solutions to problems in the industrial world. With a team of experienced design Engineers, clients can trust Accusteel with some of the most unique heavy transport and lifting challenges.


An emphasis on quality ensures all products meet the highest industrial standards. Clients trust us to deliver on the details through true value engineering delivering not only a quality product but also a quality experience.


We believe all stakeholders are partners in our continued success. Consequently, integrity in all aspects of Accusteels operation results in long-lasting relationships.


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