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Custom Trailer Frames for Your Products

Oil & Gas, Incinerators, Chassis, Pump Stations, Transformers, Sub Stations, Fracing Units

Accusteel will OEM trailer chassis frames to make your products moveable.

Ensuring that a trailer is designed and manufactured for weight capacity, terrain, and hauling needs is incredibly specialized. If you have a product that you want to be put on wheels, Accusteel can help. Making your products movable improves efficiencies, adds more versatility to the terrain a product can be used in, and makes your products more user-friendly. You can add significant value to your equipment and products simply by mounting them on a trailer frame.

If you want to make your products mobile and easily transported, we’re here to help.

We can design and manufacture trailer chassis and frames for oil and gas equipment, incinerators, pump stations, transformers, sub stations, fracking units, mobile drilling rigs, and other heavy-duty equipment that could benefit from being installed on a permanent trailer.

OEM Heavy Haul Trailers

Previous OEM Heavy Haul Solutions

For many of our OEM clients, their products simply benefit from being on wheels. Improve your product’s efficiency and make things more convenient for your end user by adding a permanent mobile trailer to your product.

We work closely with not only our clients, but also the end users of our clients’ products to ensure that our trailer solutions assist in the transportation of and use of the equipment. Accusteel understands not only trailers, but the specific industries that trailers are used in!

Sub-Station Trailer

Sub Stations

Working closely with the client and their engineering team, the Accusteel team built a customized trailer to handle the required load and application. Accusteel ensured the trailer would handle the loading requirements as well as functionally required by the end user. This was done while also ensuring it met all regulatory compliance needs and on-site safety requirements. With a quick delivery needed, Accusteel’s project team effectively designed, manufactured, tested, and delivered the unit to the client on time.

Portable Drill Rig

Oil & Gas

With an existing drilling rig made up of several components, Accusteel was tasked with designing and manufacturing a trailer system to mount many of the rig components permanently. By adding a permanent trailer system to the drill rig, we greatly increased the efficiency as the rig could be moved from well to well without being taken apart. Our team traveled to the client’s location and determined a plan for moving forward. We ensured the trailer system would meet all regulatory and safety requirements as well as remain lightweight and durable for the job site. With only a few months to design and manufacture, Accusteel came through and was able to ship the unit on schedule.

Incinerator Erecting and Hauling


Our client found difficulty moving their incinerators from jobsite to job site using cranes to load and unload their equipment. We were approached by a client to manufacture trailers that would be able to move and erect the incinerators from jobsite to jobsite with ease. Accusteel designed and manufactured specialty trailers that allowed our client to efficiently move their equipment without the need for cranes. This gave our customer a competitive edge in their industry. We have further developed these trailer frames for the incinerators as permanently mounted or quick detach trailers which improved the customer’s work process and increased their profits.

Snubbing Unit Trailers


A client of Accusteel’s designs and manufactures snubbing rigs in the oil and gas industry. These products have a lot of moving components requiring a very customized solution to package for transport. This client approached us to develop a variety of trailers to assist in the transportation and operation of their specialized equipment. Our engineering team worked closely with the client’s team and ensured that the trailers would be able to seamlessly integrate with the required rig components while providing an efficient transport solution for the end users regulatory transport compliance.


Consistently pushing for advancements in technology, efficiency, and cost savings, Accusteel delivers solutions to problems in the industrial world. With a team of experienced design Engineers, clients can trust Accusteel with some of the most unique heavy transport and lifting challenges.


An emphasis on quality ensures all products meet the highest industrial standards. Clients trust us to deliver on the details through true value engineering delivering not only a quality product but also a quality experience.


We believe all stakeholders are partners in our continued success. Consequently, integrity in all aspects of Accusteels operation results in long-lasting relationships.


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