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Mining Trailers

Accusteel provides specialized trailers and products designed for the mining industry.

Our trailers are specially made to haul mining equipment and materials on and off highway, ensuring that your equipment is safe and secure. Standard trailers aren’t always the right fit when it comes to mining equipment. Our custom trailers are made to work for mining and quarry equipment and materials.

Other trailers are expensive and not designed for the heavy loads of mining equipment, nor are they able to handle the long travel to remote locations with rough terrain. With Accusteel, you’ll get durable, powerful trailers that are perfectly suited for the high-intensity requirements of the mining industry. Whether you’re bringing materials and equipment to a site or moving extracted materials to a processing facility, you can find the right trailers for your needs with Accusteel.

When you purchase mining trailers and hauling equipment from Accusteel, you can rest assured that payload, durability, and efficiency are front of mind. Our goal is to design trailers and attachments that will ensure you don’t compromise productivity for safety and sturdiness.

Accusteel knows the mining industry better than any other custom trailer company, and we’re here to help you get the best possible trailer for your next project.

Universal Mover

Accusteel has designed the perfect off-road trailer for mining. The Universal Mover is our patented design that will meet your needs. It is specially designed to move anything that fits within its own lifting envelope. The universal mover greatly increases efficiency and reduces overall costs. It’s a hybrid design of a lifting gantry and a trailer, so it removes unnecessary crews and costs to finish the job. This revolutionary trailer is changing the way mine transportation is viewed worldwide, available in 100T and 200T versions.

(US Patent No. 10,093,217 B2)

Off-Road Lowboy

Accusteel can especially design and customize OTR Lowboys for any loading requirements, making this trailer ideal for off-road requirements and those in the mining industry. We provide full-service packages to ensure that every trailer from Accusteel will handle the job successfully. We can provide tow attachments to fit your haul truck. Moving dozers, shovels, buckets, drills, materials, and other field equipment is simple with Accusteel. Our Off-Road Lowboys are designed with the mining industry in mind.

Custom Mining Trailers

Accusteel can customize any trailer and design original pieces to suit your needs. The mining industry requires specific loading capacities as well as the ability to withstand tough terrain.

That’s where we come in.

We can design and engineer the right parts and trailers to get your job done right.

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