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Industrial Trailers

Move more, Industrial trailers for all payloads

Mining, Forestry, Mobile Drill Rigs, Mobile Camps

Natural resource extraction equals remote locations. No matter the industrial sector, large machinery, and equipment need a safe and efficient manner of getting to project sites.

With years of experience, Accusteel’s design team provides premium solutions for industrial transportation. Accusteel units are made from high tensile steel, permitting the build of strong frames while maintaining a low tare weight. Mining, Forestry, Oil & Gas, and more, transportation solutions can be provided for. Our team can work with you to provide mobility for even the largest of loads. In the highest of the Arctic to the hottest deserts on earth, our equipment has been tried and tested to ensure longevity resulting in high investment returns.

Accusteel’s industrial lines can be customized and built for many applications. If you see a fit for your industry or transport problem please don’t hesitate to ask. Our professional sales and design team will ensure you get the solution you need.

Heavy Haul Offroad Trailers

Past Offroad Trailer Projects

Universal Mover


The Universal Mover is Accusteel’s one of kind patented design. It has been designed to move anything that fits within its own lifting envelope. From dragline buckets to broken down equipment in the field, the Universal Mover is a great choice to reduce cost and increase efficiency. The hybrid mixture of a trailer and a lifting gantry removes the need for bringing in multiple crews of cranes and transport equipment to get the job done. Available in 100T and 200T versions, this revolution in the mining industry is a game-changer in the way mine transportation is viewed worldwide.
(US Patent No. 10,093,217 B2)

Off-Road Lowboy


Perfect for mining and other off-road applications, Accusteel can provide custom OTR Lowboys for any loading requirements. With tow attachments for various haul trucks, Accusteel can provide full-service packages to ensure your loads will be handled successfully. Moving of drills, buckets, shovels, dozers and other field equipment has never been easier.

Ejector Trailer


Available in 50T to 70T loading capacities, the Accusteel Ejector Trailer is able to move wood chips, lumber waste, and other bulk materials around lumber mills. Traditional use of End-Dump Trailers is time-consuming and can be dangerous on uneven terrain. The Ejector Trailers can carry up to 12 times the volume of one End-Dump load and efficiently ejecting the material while maintaining a low center of mass. These units can be configured to be pulled by different types of equipment from traditional tractors, forestry sliders, and even rock trucks. It can also be used in waste processing and recycling facilities to increase efficiency.

Log Forwarding Trailer


Available in 50T to 70T loading capacities, Log Forwarding trailers are off-road logging units used primarily for forwarding of material throughout a lumber mill. With its durable design and tough high strength frame, the LGF Series trailers are a great choice for the harsh conditions of mill sites. Available in different bunk configurations for full length or cut to length loads this fully customizable unit allows you to control your production speeds by high volumes.

Log Wagon


Wagons are specially designed for lumber mills to be towed by various pieces of onsite equipment and provide a strong, reliable means of transporting products from one area of the mill to another. Fully customizable in length and loading capacities, the LW Series wagons are a great choice to increase efficiency within a plant. Available in 50T to 100T configurations.


Consistently pushing for advancements in technology, efficiency, and cost savings, Accusteel delivers solutions to problems in the industrial world. With a team of experienced design Engineers, clients can trust Accusteel with some of the most unique heavy transport and lifting challenges.


An emphasis on quality ensures all products meet the highest industrial standards. Clients trust us to deliver on the details through true value engineering delivering not only a quality product but also a quality experience.


We believe all stakeholders are partners in our continued success. Consequently, integrity in all aspects of Accusteels operation results in long-lasting relationships.


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