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There are many needs for on-highway trailers. Whether you’re moving equipment, supplies, or products to and from plants and factories, it’s important to move your heavy items safely and efficiently on highways. Accusteel Inc. builds the best premium on-highway, heavy haul trailers available! We customize trailers to suit your specific needs to ensure everything you’re hauling gets to site with no issues.

How Accusteel Customizes On-Highway Trailers

When we’re building a custom, on-highway trailer, we want to make sure it will perform how you need it to. Our team of specialized engineers will work with you to ensure that your on-highway trailer has the load capacity, design structure, and configuration to get the job done!

Some of the key questions you’ll be asked as we work to design your custom, on-highway trailer are:

  • What is the load rating you’re looking for? Typically, we build trailers with 55, 65, 75, 85, 100 and 120-ton load capacity, but we can customize to fit your needs!
  • What is your tractor specifications? Knowing what kind of truck or tractor you will be using is incredibly important. We can consult on what kind of truck to purchase or help design a trailer around what you already have!
  • What configuration are you looking for? Are you looking for an LBC – California Spec, LBS – Standard Spec, LBW – Wheeler, SNL – Scissor Neck or one of our customized configurations? If you’re not sure about the right configuration, our engineers will help you figure out what will work best!
  • What length of deck do you need? What width of rails do you need? We can customize everything to fit your needs!
  • What kind of running gear do you need? We can customize tire and wheel sizes, axel capacities, and the type of brakes you need.
  • What other customizations are you looking for? We are able to customize almost everything about your new heavy haul trailer. From the mechanics to the colour of paint, we’ll work with you on every detail!



High Quality On-Highway Trailers

Accusteel builds high quality heavy haul trailers. We offer an elite experience where you will get a custom trailer made specifically for your needs. We don’t mass produce, we build custom, reliable trailers that will last. The materials and components we use go through rigorous quality control and quality assurance. If you’re looking for a cheap, quick fix, that’s not what you’ll find at Accusteel. Instead, you’re guaranteed a trailer that will serve you exactly how you need for many seasons.

In the long run, an Accusteel Heavy Haul Trailer will save you money. This is because our high quality on-highway trailers last for years. Our quality heavy haul trailers will save you thousands because their repair and maintenance costs are much lower. Furthermore, Accusteel Heavy Haul Trailers provide a high resale value when you are done with them.

Why Accusteel Trailers are Better

We know how to make trailers that will serve our clients’ needs and last.

Many on-highway trailers are built with too much material and are heavier than they need to be, which causes them to limit actual payload due to highway restrictions. Here at Accusteel, we build our heavy haul trailers as light as possible to ensure that you can carry the loads you need.

Our competitors often build trailers with plug and play or prefabricated harnesses and control systems. This makes them less serviceable as corrosion causes the harnesses and systems to become un-repairable. We custom build every part of our trailers to ensure they are easily serviced, repaired and maintained.

Many heavy haul trailers use low quality hydraulic and control valves. This causes the trailers to fail and leak prematurely. When you buy an Accusteel trailer, you’re guaranteed genuine, high quality products that are built to withstand tough conditions.

If you’re buying cheaper, prefabricated trailers, you might receive one that is welded poorly. Poor quality welding and design does not allow trailers to resist stresses like repeated loading and torsion on-highway and off-road conditions. Accusteel trailers are designed and tested for high stress and repeated loading and torsional situations using high tensile structural components – as per our certified CWB welding program and Quality Control/Quality Assurance.

Industries Who Need Quality On-Highway Trailers

INdustries we serve

The Oil & Gas industry has unique needs and requirements. We can provide quality, custom trailers to help you transport equipment and goods to and from your worksites. We will work with you to build custom chassis and specialized trailers for the Oil and Gas Industry. We have worked closely with many members of the energy sector in Oil & Gas, and we know we can provide a specialized lens to suit your needs. If you’re transporting goods, equipment, or components for the Oil & Gas industry, trust our team of engineers to design the perfect custom trailer.


We have also developed trailers and custom chassis for members of the renewable energy sector. If you’re looking for efficient trailers for transporting equipment and materials for your renewable energy project, we’re here to help! We’ll work with you to design a custom on-highway trailer to suit your needs.

Equipment transportation is incredibly specialized. If you’re transporting heavy duty equipment, you’ll need a trailer that is customized to the size and shape of your equipment. Our team of engineers and design technicians will work with you to develop a trailer that not only meets all highway requirements, but it will also fit your project needs. Equipment transport is made simple with a custom Accusteel trailer!

Does your business rely on moving large structures or buildings? If you’re moving homes and cottages across the country, you need a reliable trailer that can handle the heavy loads, long distance, and follows all highway transportation requirements. We understand the ins and outs of heavy-duty transportation and have built many trailers specifically for structural movers. We’ll ensure your trailer is designed for easy loading and unloading, safe travelling, and durability to ensure you get the most out of your trailer. We’ll customize everything for your structural moving needs. Talk with our team today about building a custom, structural mover trailer!

The aerospace industry has incredibly stringent regulations and safety standards. When working with aerospace transport it is vital that what you’re transporting remains steady and safe. We know that the components being transported are valuable and difficult to repair and replace, so it’s important that your aerospace trailers are designed to protect your equipment. We will work with you to design a trailer specifically for hauling aircraft components, rocket components, and spacecraft. Rest assured that our custom trailers are made with the highest quality products and design to keep your aerospace components safe. We’ll also work with you to ensure that your transportation meets all on-highway transportation regulations. If you need an aerospace trailer, contact Accusteel for the best results!

Construction transportation is incredibly common and a large part of the industry. Whether you’re transporting equipment or materials, we can design a custom trailer for your needs. We’ll talk to you about the equipment you’re hauling to ensure your custom trailer will work for all of it. We can design trailers for backhoes, bulldozers, compactors, excavators, graders, loaders, pile driving / boring machines, skid steers, tower cranes, and wheel tractor scrapers. Whether you need a trailer for one of these pieces of equipment or a combination, we have you covered. Materials transportation for the construction industry can be difficult as they are often incredibly heavy and difficult to transport. Masonry and bricks, steel beams, lumber, ceramics, rods, concrete, scaffolding, textiles, windows, roofing, and more all require delicate care and a quality trailer to ensure that the materials get to site safely. Our team of engineers and design technicians will work with you to design a custom trailer that fits your company’s needs. We can customize your length and width, load capacity, and configuration to ensure that your trailer works with your business. We’ll also ensure that through all these customizations, your trailer still meets all on-highway transportation standards and requirements. If you need a trailer for construction transportation, trust Accusteel to get the job done right!


Accusteel designs and develops Heavy Haul trailers for on-highway use. Do you need a heavy haul trailer that can travel safety and efficiently on highways? Talk to our team about a custom heavy haul trailer for your project.


We can design custom trailers for on-highway use. If you're looking for a custom trailer frame for your project that is suitable for highway use, give us a call! We'll ensure your custom heavy haul trailer frame is designed to your specific needs.

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