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Lowboy Trailer Models in Edmonton

Construction, Oil & Gas, Equipment Transport, Structural Movers

Lowboy trailers are specially designed for heavy hauling, they have two drops in height to allow for efficient hauling of heavy-duty equipment and products. Lowboy trailers are available in 16 and 24 wheel configurations as well as Tri-Axle and Tandem units. These trailers can be specifically designed to your unique needs and hauling requirements.

Lowboy trailer units can be configured with fixed neck or removable necks depending on your needs. Removable necks can be hydraulic or mechanical and our team of experienced engineers are here to consult on the best option for your project. Trailers can also  be configured with square tail or beaver tail ramps for equipment loading over the front of the trailer or the rear of the trailer. Load dividers such as Jeeps and boosters can be fitted to almost any configuration to increase your loading capacity.

Heavy Haul Lowboy Trailers

LBC Series

Ranging in number of Axles, Loading Capacities, Loading Deck Lengths, and Configurations. The LBC Series is fully customizable and the perfect unit for equipment hauling needs. Sometimes referred to as having a “California Style” suspension, the LBC Series trailers are able to achieve rear frame weight distribution via mechanical balance, therefore, a very good choice for rough environments.

LBS Series

The LBS Series is fully customizable and the perfect unit for equipment hauling needs. With common air ride suspension, the LBS Series Trailers are an efficient way to pack the weight you need. Rear Frames and Boosters are available with Beaver Tails / Fish-Mouth and Steering Axles or Square Tails with a swivel. Accusteel’s Hydraulic Nitrogen Breakaways systems are also available to ensure equal loading and frame safety at all times.


LBW Series

The LBW Series is fully customizable and the perfect unit for equipment hauling needs. Typically used in harsh environments such as pipelines, the LBW series trailers employ Accusteel’s 100,00lbs single point mechanical suspension on the 16-wheel rear frame to equalize the load evenly. They can also be built Air-Ride in both 16-wheel and 24-wheel configurations for heavy loading. Available in both square tail and low-profile beaver-tail design equipment is easily loaded from the rear of the trailer or via the front of the unit by removal of the hydraulic gooseneck. These units are available with and without jeeps and boosters as per customer request.

SNL Series

The SNL Series makes for a very versatile unit. Due to the necks scissor neck link design, this is the perfect unit for moving a variety of different things. Available in different loading capacities, square tail or beaver tail, as well as neck extensions for jeeps in the higher loading capacities. Belly rolls, live rolls, and multiple kick-up rollers also options that can be added to the loading deck.

HBT Series

Designed for the building movers of today, the HBT Series is a flexible style beam trailer that allows the operator the advantage of hydraulically expanding and retracting the unit’s width to gain inner bridge spacing when required for maximum loading. Running on air or hydraulic suspension, this beam trailer offers building movers an efficient way of loading, lifting, jacking and transport all in one piece of machinery. In turn, saving money and time for the long haul.

LDD Series

With a full range of “converters,” Accusteel can provide you with Jeeps, Boosters, and Dolly’s to transfer weight and pack bigger payloads. Dolly’s are available with various steering and lifting combinations giving you full control of the largest loads in the tightest of spaces.

HMT Series

Accusteel’s Hydraulic Modular Trailer (HMT) is a revolutionary new design allowing a full range of flexibility for various loading configurations. Available in 6 axles, 9 axles, 12 axles, and 15 axles just by adding modular sections. The HMT Series has an impressive deck height stroke of 31″ dumped to 58″ extended. Each Accusteel Modular section is equipped with Accusteel’s HMT custom suspension that not only boasts a huge stroke but also huge flexibility side to side. Allowing up to 30 degrees of side to side oscillation, you have the ability to keep your load level in uneven terrain. The flexibility of this unit allows for suspension flexibility without compromising the trailers frame or the load on top.  Due to the HMT’s self-steering and manual steering over-ride it is also a good choice for getting large loads into tight places.

SVN Series

The SVN Series units are a good choice for self-supporting loads that can be used as part of the transport structure. This system allows for very low ground clearances when needed as well as a high lift for clearance over things such as guard rails. Available in 60T to 120T Necks these units can be customized to fit your loading needs.


Consistently pushing for advancements in technology, efficiency, and cost savings, Accusteel delivers solutions to problems in the industrial world. With a team of experienced design Engineers, clients can trust Accusteel with some of the most unique heavy transport and lifting challenges.


An emphasis on quality ensures all products meet the highest industrial standards. Clients trust us to deliver on the details through true value engineering delivering not only a quality product but also a quality experience.


We believe all stakeholders are partners in our continued success. Consequently, integrity in all aspects of Accusteels operation results in long-lasting relationships.


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