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5 Advantages of Custom Industrial Trailers

If you’re looking to buy a new industrial trailer, you’re likely wondering what the advantages of custom industrial trailers are. Industrial trailers are used in many industries, and as such need to work with a variety of equipment as well as a variety of locations. Below we’re covering what a heavy haul trailer is, the different advantages of custom trailers, and why a custom industrial trailer is right for your business!

What is a Heavy Haul Trailer?

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A heavy haul trailer is a single or multi-group trailer that carries loads capable of maxing out the road allowable weight restrictions. Heavy haul trailers are used for moving large equipment by land. Loads can be over length, over width, or extraordinary in which requires special permits and planning.

There are two main categories of heavy haul trailers:

Trailers designed for highway or on-road trail

On the highway trailers require a vehicle identification number (VIN) which ensures that the manufacturer follows the guidelines set forth by Canada Transport and USDOT for safe highway operations. On highway trailers are limited by allowable group loads that vary from region to region. Equipment requirements are planned based on the time of the year, routes, and load data.

Trailers designed for off road travel

An off-road (OTR) trailer does not require a VIN and is regulated by various other codes and standards. OTR units don’t have loading capacities and are only limited by the designed capacity of the power unit and trailer configuration. Off-Road trailers typically see higher loads due to the rough conditions of the roads on which they operate. Furthermore, due to the larger size of the equipment and specialized nature of the operation, costs of OTR units are typically higher than highway-rated trailers.

What Can Be Customized With A Custom Trailer?

Almost every aspect of a trailer can be customized to fit a particular need. Common customizations include adjusting the Length, Width to suit a particular load or plan. The trailer’s configuration and wheel grouping can be customized, and the suspension styles can be designed as air, hydraulic or mechanical.

The trailer’s loading areas can be configured in decks, rails, mini decks, perimeter frames, and more. Some units can incorporate steering systems in manual steer, compensated steer, and semi auto-steering. A custom trailer’s features and functions can be powered by tractor PTO’s, onboard Hydraulic Power Units (HPU), or Accusteel all-electric power units (EPU).

Other customizations include the pulling unit having a fifth wheel and requiring a gooseneck, Rockinger hitch, or requiring a tow bar. A custom OTR fifth wheel may also require a high capacity coupling.

All features of a custom trailer can be made hydraulic/pneumatic or mechanically controlled. For example, some trailers are made with Hydraulic removable goosenecks, ramps, rollers, or flip overextensions.

Cosmetically, a lot can be done to customize a trailer. Paint colors and specifications can vary from project to project, as well lighting packages can be customized to suit customer requirements.

If someone is unsure of what they need, base model plans are offered with the ability to customize as needed. When customers dream big, our team welcomes their ideas with blank paper and is eager to collaborate on new innovative solutions.

What Are The Advantages Of Custom Fabrication?

Custom trailers offer a wide range of advantages. When you custom build your trailer you have more options to choose from and can pick what works best for your job. Here are just a few of the advantages of custom trailers:

Custom Trailers Give Customers Exactly What They Need 

When you fabricate a custom trailer, you’ll receive exactly what you need. This ensures that expectations are met and that you are not receiving a pile of unwanted or unneeded features. The successful function of the unit is directly tied to achieving the goals set by the customer, and not by the manufacturer.

Less Work Needs to Be Done on Your Custom Trailer After the Fact

A custom trailer requires a reduced amount retrofit and re-work costs after purchase. When purchasing off-the-shelf trailers and attempting to use them for specialized functions, the large costs of modification and rework to achieve a solution typically outweigh the initial purchase costs of a custom unit. After all is said and done, it’s better to build a custom trailer to fit your needs the first time around.

Custom Trailers have Less Risk Associated with Them

There is a significantly reduced risk when using the trailer for a unique problem. Accusteel custom trailers are engineered with specialized operating parameters in mind. This reduces failures and risk to the end-user in specialized loading situations. With an Accusteel custom trailer, your drivers will be safer and you’ll be less likely to have any issues on the road.

Custom Trailers Have a Higher Resale Value

Custom heavy haul trailers bring the art of handcrafted quality to the industrial world, meaning they sell for a much higher price point used. The use of high tensile steels, genuine North American parts, and a dedicated team of certified welders and technicians to put it all together is a testament to the detail that goes into every Accusteel unit. The result is equipment that stands the test of time with higher resale values, even after years of operation.

Custom Trailers Allow for a Personal Touch

Customization allows you to choose your heavy haul trailer color scheme as well as extra lighting and decals. Accusteel custom heavy haul trailers highlight your company’s commitment to quality and offer your brand an opportunity to shine daily. If brand recognition on the road is important to your company, custom trailers are the best option.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Custom Trailers?

There is only one true disadvantage to custom trailers, and that is the higher upfront costs. Customized units have a higher initial purchase price versus that of an off-the-shelf trailer. While the upfront cost is higher, the payback in fewer repairs, less downtime, higher resale value, as well as reduced risk makes the initial cost worth it. Accusteel custom heavy haul trailers for both on-highway and off-road provide a much greater return on investment.

How to Get a Custom Trailer

Contact Accusteel for your custom industrial trailer needs! Accusteel has years of experience making high quality custom fabrications. We use the highest quality materials and our expert staff will ensure you’ll find the best solution for your project. Our mission is to supply world-class transport and industrial equipment, while building lasting relationships through innovation, quality, and integrity of operations. Contact us today to get started on your custom transport project!

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